An Honest Review

Turner & Hooch – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 1989 buddy cop movie ‘Turner & Hooch’ starring Tom Hanks and a dog.

The comedy was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and written by Dennis Shyrack, Michael Blodgett, Daniel Petrie Jr., Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. It’s the story of Scott Turner ( Tom Hanks ) a police detective forced to adopt a dog who witnessed his owner’s murder.


Scott’s a police detective with a bit of a kick to him. It seems that life’s thrown him into a position that’s started to tamper with his own sanity, even if only mildly at the moment. Very energetic, relatively low temper, but has a good heart.

One day, he’s called into a mission – no suspects, just an dead, old man who wouldn’t be bought in the face of a criminal. The only thing remotely simular to a witness, is an aggressive Dogue de Bordeaux….Anyway, since it has nowhere to go Turner feels more or less obliged to adopt it and takes it around while investigating.


Despite a decent setup and an good – yet not great performance from one of Hollywood’s greatest; Turner & Hooch fails to illuminate the Scooby Doo/ Shaggy Rogers magic that other stories mamaged to tell, but better.

It had a few good moments, the overall inclusion of the dog is more or less the only thing making this film watch-worthy. It wasn’t a bad movie, no. I actually liked it. I guess I was just dissapointed after expecting a little bit more. 6/10.

-The Screenwriter