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Tobey Maguire Returning to Spider-Man???

Is Tobey Maguire returning to the Spider-Man franchise.

Alright. Alright. I know I had my wild theory back in the day of Stallone connecting Suicide Squad to the Expendables in the past. But today, I present to thee; a theory that actually makes sense and has some meat to it.

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi is of course most well know for having directed his Spider-Man trilogy. One of the key factors in this theory is Sam Raimi and his bizarre departure from cinema. First off, it’s been now 8 years since Raimi’s last film, a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. Starring James Franco…. If that don’t spell whack I don’t know what does.

Other than that the only thing he’s directed since were a few TV show episodes and part of The Black Ghiandola ( most likely the J.K. Simmons part ). The good news – he’s returning to directing, but not only directing, he’s returning to Marvel…

The Doctor Strange/ Spider-Man Connection

So what exactly is Sam Raimi directing? Avengers 5? Captain Marvel 2? Ant-Man & The Wasp & The Green Hornet? No, no and what in the Seth Rogen – No. He’s directing Doctor Strange 2. Now Doctor Strange has already been on Raimi’s radar for at least 17 years now. It all starts – and really this whole theory bases off a tiny nod/ cameo from Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 2.

It all happened when J. Jonah Jamesson was trying to come up with a name for Doctor Octopus. His secretary suggests “Doctor Strange” only to get shot down with “It’s taken”. Who as far as I know is the only none-Spider-Man related character to be mentioned in the Raimi Spider-Verse.

Mix of Timelines/ Universes

Depening on your point of view, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is already connected to the MCU. J.K. Simmons had a brief cameo as his beloved Spider-Man hating newspaper man – J. Jonah Jamesson in Far From Home. Now, his upcoming flick ‘No Way Home’ is already scheduled to feature Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Now how exactly they cleared this out with Sony, who knows. But it’s happening. So essentially Raimi’s Spider-Verse has already merged with the MCU. There’s just one last clue, one last piece of evidence to ice the cake with:

Dr Strange

Guess who else is appearing in the latest Spider-Man? Doctor Strange. The same Doctor Strange that’s going to be directed by Sam Raimi. I know I could probably have explained this better, but given my spamdemic, I lack the motivation, I just needed to get this out in case I’m actually right.

Tobey’s Return to Acting

The final piece to wrap this theory into a bow; Tobey Maguire is returning to acting with Babylon; after a seven year hiatus ( unless we’re counting his voice-over in Boss Baby ).

-The Screenwriter

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