An Honest Review

The Woman In The Window – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2021 horror thriller ‘The Woman In The Window’ starring Amy Adams.

The 2021 horror film was directed by Joe Wright and written by Tracy Letts. It was based upon the of the same name by A. J. Finn. It’s the story of child psychologist Dr. Anna ( Amy Adams ) stalking her neighbors to exploit an abusive parent.


The agorophobic ( fear of going outside ) psychiatrist has just recently moved into town. She has a tenant, David ( Wyatt Russell ), who ocassionally pops into the film, when the story thought it’d be useful for some reason. She befriends neighborhood boy Ethan Russell ( Fred Hechinger ). A seemingly normal boyscout-esque boy. Only she quickly realizes he’s being abused by his Father Alistair ( Gary Oldman ).

She’s later visited by Ethan’s Mother Jane ( Julianne Moore ) a rather quirky woman. She never sees her again. Instead, out of absolutely nowhere she’s replaced by a blonde Jennifer Jason Leigh. This drives the already mentally questionable Anna to borderline insanity. She spends her days trying to find out any information she can about the couple, all to redeem herself and figure out if she really is as insane as she’s starting to think.


Overall, TWITW is basically just another knockoff of Rear Window. While it was leagues better than Disturbia and still had it’s true moments of shine, ultimatly it failed at the very space so many other films fail – the climax. Until about 3/4s of the film in, I was genuinally invested. Then we find out what happens, some people die – cliche ending, nothing to brag or even be at peace with. Great performances, good first and second act, midboggilingly weak end. 7/10.

-The Screenwriter

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