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The Trial of the Chicago 7-An Honest Review

An honest, biases review of the 2020 Netflix original ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’.

The 2020 film was written and directed by one of the greatest screenwriters alive, Aaron Sorkin. Whose credits include 2010 film ‘The Social Network’. It’s the real life story of a trial over a series of riots in Chicago.

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Some spoilers ahead

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The star studded movie is lead by riot leader Abby Hoffman ( Sacha Baron Cohen ), who yes, has a weird accent in this movie as well. His allies include: Tom Hayden ( Eddie Redmayne ), David Dellinger ( John Carroll Lynch ).

Their opponents? Two lawyers, lead by Richard Schultz ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ), handpicked by the governmont to defend them. Based on his confidence in court, along with the way he talks and other talk about him, I’d say he’s definately a competent lawyer to say the least.

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The majority of the film revolves inside the courtroom. The judge, Julius Hoffman ( Frank Langella ), not to be mistaken with Abby Hoffman, is a strict, incompetent sounding man. Taking everything very literally and speaks in a degrading tone. He seemingly from the start is against Abby’s case.

Hayden gets detained by the police. Sparking a riot in the hundreds, they protest throughout Chicago, getting blocked by dozens, maybe hundreds of armed police officers. It ends in a brutal fight, nightsticks, tear gas.

Somewhat desperate to win the case, Hayden reaches out to his former boss, Ramsey Clark ( Michael Keaton ) who seems like he’s exactly what they need to crack their case right open. Unluckily, the judge dismisses his right to adress the jury.

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In the end, our seven protagonists are found guilty, the trial is lost. The end credits explain the real life happenings of the events. Abby wrote a bestselling book and commited suicide. The judge was widely considered unqualified by his peers based on the case. Mind you, not all of them were mentioned properly. The end.


While much of this belongs to the amazing cast, TTOTC7 had excellently portrayed characters. Sure, there were a fair share of throwaway side characters, but for the most part, they were grounded and believable. In other words, Sorkin knows what he’s doing, If you plan on being a screenwriter yourself, I’d recommend looking into his work.

Aaron Sorkin has already more than proven himself as a talented screenwriter, and has now shown off his skills as a director. His first feature film ‘Molly’s Game’ starring Idris Elba was released three years ago and recieved generous reviews. I’d give it one or two more films until he’s widely recognized for his skills as a director internationally. Considering how few “good films” were released this year, I can pretty much gurantee that TTOTC7 will get some Oscar attention.

-The Screenwriter

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