The Screenwriter's Journal

The Screenwriter’s Journal – June 2021

I find myself entirely unmotivated to keep writing this website. Every time I log in I first have to throw a dozen plus comments into the spam folder. I often ponder how many – if any at all of my commenters are real. Sure, I keep some comments on, being completely unsure of the whole situation. But as of writing, I’m approaching 700 spam comments, along with the hundreds of others I’ve deleted since starting this blog.

I used to have about spare blogs, just so I could take time off if I wanted. Now it’s dwindled down to maybe eight. Frankly, I’m burned out from a void of nothingness. Putting my all, trying to make people happy – only to realize those people, those readers I like to imagine exist, probably don’t. Chances are I’m writing this little entry for myself, and nobody will ever so much as open the article.

-The Screenwriter