The Screenwriter’s Journal – Feb 2021

I used February to further expand on that story I wrote about in the last entry. I found myself drasting changing the story after about 20 pages into it. Though I am holding that version of the screenplay on hold.

Though I’m leaking a little bit into March, I even managed to finish the first draft! In fact this is by far the fastest I have ever managed to finish a feature length screenplay. My first took about six months, this one only slightly more than one. Mind you, two of which I barely even gave a real ending, instead giving them a cut out of nowhere to skip straight to the ending.

In total I’ve technically written four screenplays now. A psycho-thriller, a superhero adaptation, the new one ( whose plot I’ll conceal for now ) and a war movie in Bangladesh ( where I briefly though Netflix stole my idea ( Tyler Rake )). I could go on all day about how many I started and never finished.

Though I constantly say and think it to myself with pretty much every piece I’ve ever written; I really do think this might be my greatest writing yet. I even managed to shed a tear by my own writing on TWO occasuons, and it’s not common by any stretch of the imagination for a string of read words to do that to me. I’ve finally made a real, breathing character who could actually exist in the world I whisked out of my imagination. I’ve also discovered the bizarre universe of David Lynch.

I’ve seen about half of the first season of Twin Peaks and watched a string of his short films. Something about his work has given me a whole new set of tools to work with. He’s already become one of my greatest influences, and I’ve only seen a fragment of his work.

Overall, February might have been the best month I’ve ever had in the history of my writing. I know I still have a lot to work on it, but I’ve already figured out who I’d like to see cast, where and when it should take place and even have a general idea what it should look like.

-The Screenwriter

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