The Screenwriter's Journal

The Screenwriter’s Journal – April 2021

Well last month I managed to finish a first draft in record time! Afterwards I intentionally gave myself a couple days off. Let myself reflect over the story, characters etc. BIG MISTAKE! A couple days turned into a couple weeks. Though yes, I ‘ve gained a few ideas on how to improve a few scenes and characters, it could/ should have gone faster.

On the brightside, in those two weeks I did write a short horror script about 4-5 pages in length, which took me about 25 minutes to write. Just so that you folks have a vagueish idea what I’m writing, let’s call it the “Shia LaBeouf Project” the actor I think would best suit the stories’ main character.

So yeah, this wasn’t the best month for my writing. Feel free to slam me for it in the comments.

-The Screenwriter

Rest in Peace DMX, you fought till the end like the soldier you were. Beyond sad day for Hip Hop

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