An Honest Review

The Room ( 2019 )-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2019 horror-thriller ‘The Room’.

The 2019 horror-thriller was directed by Christian Volckman, who also wrote the screenplay with Sabrina B. Karine and Eric Forestier. It’s the story of a youngish couple who move into a remote house in the woods. Complete with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a wishing room.

Also, this has nothing to do with Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film of the same name. Trust me.


Matt ( Kevin Janssens ) and Kate ( Olga Kurylenko ) are a married couple. Living happily, nothing’s wrong. They also just bought a house in the middle of nowehere, whose previous ownerd were killed. Due to some alcohol infused motives, Matt wishes for a bottle of booze. The room generously fufills his alcoholic cravings, and presents him an identical bottle of the exact beverge he was drinking.

So instead of keeping it a secret, which could have made a decent side storyline, he instantly tells her the next morning. So they quit their jobs and go about their life wishing for stuff. Food, paintings, stacks of money a kid – Yeah, no, Kate actually wishes for a kid. Completely without consulting Matt. You know the kid from Sixth Sense? Make him British, and slightly less creepy and that’s your guy.

Also, anything that was made by the room that leaves the house turns into a burns into dust. Including the “boy”. So Kate decides to take the demon child out, causing him to grow into a 8(?) year old kid. Even though he’s probably some kind of alien and or demon.


Basically, The Room ( 2019 ) was Vivarium, with a weaker story, acting, plot, pacing and everything really. From a weird kid with a British accent, the artificial house, main characters being a couple, the husband despising the ‘kid’, while the wife defends it, the overrall tone, it honestly comes off as a cheap knockoff more than a simularish plot that came out around the same time. 6/10.

– The Screenwriter

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