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The Book of Mando?

An honest, biased review of the Book of Bo – I mean Mando Chapter 5, from somebody who’s barely seen any of The Mandalorian.

Alright, full disclosure: I’ve only seen like three episodes of The Mandalorian. This should be fun.

Chapter 5 of the Book of Boba Fett doesn’t even have Boba Fett in it. WTF Disney?! It revolves entirely around Din Djarin doing Mando stuff, meanwhile Boba isn’t even on screen for the splitiest of seconds.


Well, my knowledge of what goes on in The Mandalorian is pretty..I’ll say scattered. Baby Yoda, Werner Herzog, Ahsoka Tano, Bo Katan, Carl Weathers, Giancarlo with a black lightsaber…people show up, and Mando does stuff.

So that’s my pre-knowledge to whatever the hell is going on here. Like the previous episode, this one was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

We start off seeing Mando ( Pedro Pascal ) performing a bounty and slaughtering a butchery’s worth of guards. “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold ( and headless ).

Unsurprisingly Mando wins, he’s stupid enough to graze himself in the leg with his own lightsaber. He proceeds to kill everyone, and let’s everybody in the other room off scott free.

Mando goes to a ship and meets up with somebody I’ve head is called ‘The Armorer’ some royal Mandalorian blacksmith of some kind? I dunno.

Mando shows off his sword, fights a bulky Mandalorian dude, broke some code of honor about taking his helmet off, goes to Tatooine..gets a new ship, he does stuff.

In the end, we get a cameo from Fennec ( Ming Na Wen ), who recruits Mando to help Boba fight the Pike cartel. Now this episode at least makes some degree of sense


In total….I’m not sure what to make of this episode. It’s Boba Fett without Boba Fett. Imagine Iron Man 4, but instead of Iron Man it focused the entire movie on Obadiah Stane’s plumber nephew. You know what I mean?

My problem is that there are only going to be 7 episodes, we’re at 5. And it looks like we’ll be spending more time with Mando on Tatooine, meaning we may only have one actualy episode left of Boba Fett. Maybe there’ll be a season 2, maybe their stories are just meant to be intertwined, I don’t know. It’s a bizarrely unconventional story choice to put it bluntly.

-The Screenwriter

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