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The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 4 – An Honest Review

My honest, biased opinion of the Bryce Dallas Howard directed episode, Chapter 4 of The Book of Boba Fett

Alright, my last post was just for fun more than anything else. I was casually viewing the show, Danny Trejo popped up, I thought it was amazing! By that I mean that Trejo joined Star Wars, the rest of the episode, not so much…

So I decided that since the series is still going, I’m going to cover the entirety of the Season, maybe the whole series if it gets another season.

POINT IS – there’s a lot I didn’t like about episode 3, so I’m going to coverit from now on, to see if it gets any better. So without furtherado, here we go!


The 4th episode takes a dramatic shift from the show’s previous episodes. While the others were more Boba ( Temuera Morrison ) goes from A to B and stuff happens, Boba says stuff, does stuff, and…stuff just kinda happens around him. It’s like he’s trying to be Michael Corleone but has none of the competence.

My immediate first thought into the episode was how much of a change in tone was there to be felt. While most of the series so far was directed by Robert Rodriguez, Bryce Dallas Howard of all people directed this chapter. Not somebody I would’ve expected.

Boba is forced to venture into the desert for a McGuffin, with an Asian bounty huntress, who owes him a debt. The two share some stories around a campfire, Boba releases a Bantha into the wilderness who until this episode I don’t even think I new existed.

So they break into a place and start out by murdering the kitchen staff and capture a ratcatcher droid in the most ridiculous scene in the entire series so far! It was kinda funny though. Hey..know what that McGuffin was? The Slave I, Boba’s ship! Immediate nosetalgia flashbacks!

Now add a couple side quests that feel straight out of a video game, have Black Krrsantan rip a Trandoshian’s arms off and you’ve got yourself a solid episode.


It seems like Chapter three was simply that one black sheep of the Season. It’ll get past this, it’ll move on, and so will the fans. It seems more and more likely that the long buildup will eventually pay off by the end of the show.

The latest installment makes me optimistic for the series, and I’m starting to have just a little faith again in the series. I just hope they don’t Skywalker Temuera Last Jedi style, if you know what I mean.

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-The Screenwriter

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