An Honest Review

The Adam Project – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2022 sci-fi comedy ‘The Adam Project’ starring Ryan Reynolds.

The Adam Project was directed by Shawn Levy and written by Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin. It’s the story of time futuristic traveller ( Ryan Reynolds ) going back in time to meet his 12-year old self ( Walker Scobell ) in 2018.


Adam crash lands in time, he meets Adam and quickly befriend the boy, neither of whom seem particularly surprised at meeting each other’s other self. The chemistry between the two is mild at best.

For arguments sake; I’ll refer to the Reynolds and Scobell as “Old Adam” and Young Adam” fof the rest of the review.

Now I’m sure the question as to why Old Adam is here has crossed your mind’s. The short answer – it’s about a girl; Laura ( Zoe Saldana ) a fellow pilot stranded in 2018.

Old and Young Adam venture out to meet their Father, aka the inventor of time travel ( Mark Ruffalo ), he’s no Doc Brown but he gets the job done.

The rest of the film revolves into a stereotypical cgi-marvel movie-esque action sequence lacking an genuine tension or suspence in a fight against a Kathleen-Kennedy look-alike with a blaster. All of which ends in a slightly bittersweet ending.


Unfortunately, despite it’s efforts in the CG department, The Adam Project fails to deliver a film worth your watch. Star-studded A-Film wannabe, B-list at best in execution. Hollywood, it’s time you realize that adding star power only equals quality if the rest of the story and film are treated properly.

Now, I’d be a contradiction to critic kind if I were to not at least highlight what good was in the film: Some of the jokes were actually funny, there was a nice heart-to-heart talk between the two Adams I found touching and Mark Ruffalo’s character gave out a decent performance.

Overall, ir wasn’t a terrible movie, not good by any means, but watchable – 6/10.

-Screenwriter J

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