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Mario is getting his own theme park!!!

Ok, I know this isn’t movie related, but I just couldn’t help myself. Mario, as in Super Jumpman Mario the plumber is getting his own themepark!!

After stumbling across a new IGN posted video titled “Super Nintendo World – Official Tour with Shigeru Miyamoto” on YouTube ( watch here: ), I clicked instantly. And I’ve never been so hyped for a theme park before IN MY LIFE.

For those of you that don’t know, Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of the Mario Bros. franchise. Countless spiniff games and reboots having been made from the original 2d game. Mario Tennis, Mario Sports, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Luigi’s ghostbusters mansion and more. For all you fans of the Italian-American-Japanese character ( like myself! )-this is a dream come true!

So, here’s a breakdown of the video:

Green Tunnel:

The entrance to the park is the classic green tunnel. Not much to say about it. It’s got lights, and it leads to the park. That’s about it. According to Miyamoto, there were tons of ideas they chose not to implement, in fear the entrance would become an attraction in itself.

Interactive Park:

Througout the park, you’ll find several of those golden blocks, you know with the white ? on them. While wearing a “Powerup band”, punch it ( though tapping seems to suffice ) and you’ll collect coins, which you can use for something, they never really specified their use. You can also check how many coins you have on your phone through the QR-code on the back.


Across the park you’ll also find several activities. Interactive minigames if you will. Nothing too crazy, but they still look like they would be fun.

Gift Shop:

The gift shop offers exclusive Mario merch only available on location. Of course you’ve got your standard gifts, like T-shirts and stuff, but there’s also a Mario toy which basically walks on it’s own – NO BATTERIES REQUIRED


The mushroom restaurant features various dishes you’d probably find at any other park, only with mushrooms. Mushroom bugers, mushroom pizza, you get the picture. It also features a video screen of Chef Toad talking about the restaurant.

Mario Kart Ride:

Mario Kart is probably my favorite Mario spinoff, as well as my favorite racing game of all time. Now, they’ve spent the last six years developing a unique, interactive Mario Kart ride, and it sounds awesome.

Honestly, the best part about the video was watching Miyamoto see his creation, which he spent countless hours creating come to life in it’s own amusement park. The look of joy and pride on his face is almost beyond words. Thank you Miyamoto for creating one of the greatest and most purehearted characters of all time.

Now I just have to get to Japan….

But there’s one last bit of good news! Nintendo plans on building three more locations! Singapore, Orlando, Fl and Hollywood, CA!

-The Screenwriter

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