Welcome to the Screenwriter’s Journal

Hello World! This is the Screenwriter’s Journal. The start of a young screenwriter’s journey into the greater world of cinema.

Who am I?
I won’t tell you my name or location, though if you do wish to call me something, I prefer to simply go by “The Screenwriter”, hence “The Screenwriter’s Journal”. Like I said, I’m a young screenwriter, who unfortunately has absolutely zero Imdb credits of any kind. Though I have done a little bit of theater work.

What can I expect from this Website?

On this site I hope to publish:

  • Writing advice
  • Short films & Trailers
  • Theories
  • Movie reviews
  • Screenplay reviews
  • Trailer Reviews
  • Rankings
  • Where are they nows?

And more

Yours truely,

-The Screenwriter

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