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Stop Killing Dogs In Movies!!!

Let the movie dogs live!!!

Attention to all filmmakers: STOP KILLING MOVIE DOGS!!!!!! I am fed up with the fact that filmmakers or okay constantly killing off dogs in their movies. Especially if it doesn’t even serve the plot!

Disclaimer: Even though I’m a proud cat owner and no longer have a dog – it still makes me wanna punch somebody every time they kill off a cinematic woofie!

So lemme’ start by giving off a few examples, followed by one that actually served a fricking point.

Spoilers Ahead:

Right off the top of my head I was able to think of seven movies where the dog died. So let’s go over them.

Secret Window – Johnny Depp finds his dead dog on his balcony with a screwdriver in his head over a copyright dispute with Southern John Turturro

Hide and Seek – Robert De Niro finds his dog dead in his bathtub likely due to his wannabe Haley Joel Osment daughter, Dakota Fanning

Keeping Mum – Maggie Smith is annoyed about her neighbor’s dog and kills it and the owner, the next day claiming he had gone to ‘Down Under’

Snakes on a Plane – This beyond mediocre movie had some hateable businessman throw a dog into a pit of snakes

Ma – Though it’s never explicitly stated the dog dies, he probably did. Octavia Spencer injected him with some syringe and his paw was blood-red. So even if he lived they hurt a dog for no reason whatsoever.

The Babadook – Deranged Australian woman strangles her son’s dog for barking too much after her kid claims a bedtime story monster is haunting the house

I am Legend – Finally, the only one that A; actually served a point to the story, and B; genuinally made me cry. It was all about the buildup. While the other films had dogs in the background, not really doing much other than barking and stuff, I am Legend’s Alex actually had a genuine purpose in keeping Will Smith a semi-sane character.

-The Screenwriter

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