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Sick Note-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the first episode of the Netflix original series ‘Sick Note’.

Welcome to the first TV edition of An Honest Review! Sick Note’s first season was released in 2016. It’s the story of Daniel ( Rupert Grint ) an ordinary Brit whose falsely diagnosed with cancer by his insanely incompetent doctor, Iann ( Nick Frost ).

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Minor Spoilers Ahead


Daniel’s life seems perfect, he enjoys much of his spare time playing video games with his American friend, Will 5000 all until, just like Lemony Snickets, he’s hit by a series of unfortunate events. First, his girlfriend breaks up with him and demands he leaves her apartment.

He works at a company called ‘We Cover Insurance’ whose borderline insane CEO, Kenny West ( Don Johnson ) kinda reminds me of Joe Exotic. He starts feeling a little woozy and goes to the doctor. Then he’s diagnosed with cancer. He goes back to work, while Kenny is filming a commercial, he hilariously pukes all over him. Which ends up in him getting fired. Until he’s not fired. Soon after, his doctor pays him a visit. Turns out he actually doesn’t have cancer.

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Relieved, he goes back to his ordinary life, now going with the flow, pretending he has cancer, and his doctor, not wanting to be seen as incompetent, gors along with it. As for Daniel, his life flips upsidedown. He’s beloved at work, his girlfriend let’s him stay and everything goes well. Or does it? That was just the first of several episodes.


Note, as of writing I’ve also seen episode 2, where the plot really starts kicking in. The characters are beautifully written, especially those portrayed by the more ‘noteworthy’ actors. Rupert Grint, while yes, still having a lot of Ron Weasley in him ( which I consider a good thing ) he really does show that A, he can pull it off as a lead, and B, that his unique personality and character are more than enough to make him more than just the redhead from Harry Potter.

Nick Frost played a role, different to the kinds he played in the Cornetto trilogy. Dr Iann is a bumbly, incompetent doctor, whose mixups lead him down a spiral of destruction to both himself, and those unlucky enough to have been caught in his web.

Don Johnson pulls off one of his best performances I’ve ever seen. Coming off as a slightly exagerrated, yet believable evil-boss type. He’s so unearthly at nature, that somehow, it works. It just works.

The show does a great job at delivering black comedy. Never going to dark to dampen the mood, while still having it’s fair share of laughs to it. The jokes work, the characters work and yo far this seems like a jolly good show. I’m definately going to watch the next few episodes. Maybe I’ll do a part 2, recapping the first season. Overall, I’d give this show a 7.5/10.

If you’d like me to cover more TV in the future, then lemme’ know in the comments below.

-The Screenwriter

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