An Honest Review

Scrooged-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 1988 Christmas movie ‘Scrooged’ starring Bill Murray.

The 1988 Christmas comedy was directed by Richard Donner and written by Mitch Glazer and Michael O’Donoghue. It’s the story of TV producer Frank Cross ( Bill Murray ), who after being visited by three ghosts, learns the true meaning of Christmas ( sound familiar? ).

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Warning, Spoilers Ahead


Frank is a mean, unforgiving, yet comedic TV producer, with a bit of an alcohol problem. He tasked with creating a live production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by his boss, Preston Rhinelander ( Robert Mitchum ). A man so insane, he suggests making future TV programs more pet-friendly, to attract cat and dog viewers-HELP!

To help him out with the stress, Preston hires John Glover ( Brice Cummings ), who Frank assumes is meant to be his replacement. Overall, it looks like Frank is down a rough path in life. So, Frank’s old boss, Lew Hayward ( John Forythe ) pays him a visit. Also, Lew’s a zombie-ghost, who forces him to call his estranged ex-wife, Claire ( Karen Allen ).

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The next day at set, she pays him a visit. Seeing that he’s more or less the same guy, who now wants to staple horns to a mouse’s head for show-effects, she leaves, hopeful he’ll change.

After a business meeting with Preston and John, gone hilariously wrong, he’s visited by the first ghost. The Ghost of Christmas Past ( David Johansen ), a cab driver. He shows him as a four year old boy, being neglected by his Father not caring for Christmas. After which, he’s brought to the Christmas where he met Claire. Realizing he has regrets about his life, he goes back to the present with a slightly different attitude

Next up, the ghost of Christmas present ( Carol Kane ), who shows him his relatives, enjoying Christmas without him, and that he still has a chance with Claire.

Last but not least, the ghost of Christmas future. Showing him terrible things, his secretary’s son in an insane asylum, and even his own funeral. Cliche, and basically ripped off from Charles Dickens, but still effective.

In the End, Bill Murray makes a huge announcement on live TV, essentially ending his career, but getting Claire back in the process. The End.


After releasing A Very Murray Christmas ( read here: , which spoiler alert, I didn’t trash, but didn’t give a great review for either, I just had to do Peter Vankman justice, and review this great Christmas movie starring him.

Scrooged was an enjoyable, lighthearted Christmas comedy, starring one of my favorite comedy actors. It was well-paced and a great section of Bill Murray’s early career. 9/10.

– The Screenwriter

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