An Honest Review

Rogue Hostage – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2021 thriller ‘Rogue Hostage’ starring Tyrese Gibson and John Malkovich.

Rogue Hostage was directed by Jon Keeyes and written by Mickey Solis. It’s the story of former marine Kyle ( Tyrese Gibson ) and his estranged father in law, Congressman Sam Nelson ( John Malkovich ) both of whom are taken hostage in a supermarket.


Spoilers ahead

Kyle, a loving divorced Father lives with his young daughter Angel ( Zani Jones Mbayise ). Kyle was formerly a marine and experiences routine trauma about his times in the war. To put some good in the world he now lives in the Child Protective Services.

Nelson, Kyle’s former Father in law is Angel’s only relative from her Mother’s side. Nelson ( as we later learn ) is a rich and controversial congressman, who achieves his massive success by screwing over his partner’s for his own gain.

Nelson is opening a new store in Kyle’s hometown, who is also present at the opening. Before you know it wouldn’t you believe a group of Rogue’s take over the store and take hostages ( like you wouldn’t have gotten that from the title ).

Tyrese decides to be the big hero and defeat the terrorists. Also, Michael Jai White plays Malkovich’s bodyguard but hardly does anything interesting.

Beyond this point the film gets more cliche’ filled and unorganized. The plot itself was hollow and one dimensional as were it’s characters. Nothing too interesting happens. The good guys live ( mostly ) the bad guys lose and the survivors spin the story around so everybody wins. The end


Overall, Rogue Hostage was a mediocre action thriller trying to recreate the feeling of fims like Jodie Foster’s Money Monster. But, to be honest, I did like it, a bit. I kinda like somewhat trashy movies sometimes with actors I like. I enjoy Tyrese’s acting, Malkovich is always a treat and MJ White is a underrated action hero. 5.5/10.

Thanks for reading!

-Screenwriter J

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