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Revisiting American Psycho

I’ve revisited American Psycho for the second time in my life. At first, I saw an insane Christian Bale killing people, now I see a man frustrated with the shallowness of mankind.

The 2000 psychopath film was directed by Mary Harron and written by Brett Easton Ellis. It’s known as one of the most twisted and shocking films of the 2000s. At first, I saw the film for what happened on screen. It’s been about 3-4 (?) years and now I see an entirely knew film.

Right off the bat, I’d lile to let you know that American Psycho really is not for everyone. It includes scenes or gorry violence, and portrays a twisted mind to immensive degrees. It’s highly entertaining, beautifully acted and gives off a cold-blood satirism against the hollowness of man. If that’s not enough for you, the film also stars an impressive supporting cast: Willem Dafoe as a suspecting detective who will stop at nothing unravel the murder. A young Reese Witherspoon as Bale’s oblivious secretary. Jared Leto as Paul Allen ( in case you actually like his acting ), Bate’s victim. As well as Justin Theroux, in another small, supportive role.


American Psycho is the story of a man at complete odds with reality. He doesn’t realize what he’s doing is wrong, nor is anything he’s doing actually real. Or is it? The film leaves that a tad debatable. Personally, I think he probably did kill a few people, but for the most part, the murders were fake, just ask Paul Allen, you had one chance to kill the Joker, Bats ( sigh ).

Americam Psycho deserves to go down as a timeless piece of satire against the fake egoeccentric lifestyle of the rich who own billions, but are dead inside. It’s aged beautifully with the rise of social media and the overall “woke culture” of today. Don’t ask me who’d make a good Patrick Bateman, but American Psycho might actually be worthy of a remake for the modern, increasingly soulless world, if executed right, this trend could go on for each generation, chronically capture man’s further descent into loss of self…..Rarely does a performance so worthy of locking somebody in funny farm come along, only to realize that Christian Bale put on his absolute A-Game! Even going so far as to sweat on command in one scene!

If you’ve never seen American Psycho, I highly suggest you do. If you already have, watch it again, see if you’ve caught anything that I or yourself have missed.

Anyway that’s all for today folks!

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