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A brief tribute to deceased actor Ray Liotta. I’ll add more once I have some time. I just wish to inform any fans that may not have otherwise heard of his passing.

Ray Liotta was an American actor born December 18th, 1954, he passed away yesterday in his sleep, while in the Dominican Republic. His cause of death is seemingly unknown for the time being.

Ray was probably most well known as gangster ‘Henry Hill’ in Scorsese’s 1990 film ‘Goodfellas’. Other noteable performances/ films include: Hannibal, John Q., Identity, Control, Sin City: A dame To Kill For, Cop Land, Blow, Killing Them Softly and No Sudden Move.

Over his career, Liotta has been able to work with noteable figures in the filmmaking industry such as: Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallon, Seth Rogen, Steven Soderbergh, Laura Dern, Johnny Depp, Robert Rodriguez, Willem Dafoe and Don Cheadle.

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-Screenwriter J

Ray Liotta, rest in peace, your talent will be missed.

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