Random Tarantino Movie Facts vol. 1

A list of fun facts about Tarantino’s filmography.

Hello TSJ community! Just for the hell of it, some random movie facts from Tarantino’s filmography.

Reservoir Dogs

Well I don’t know why I came here tonight, I’ve got a feeling something ain’t right – is probably how Kirk Baltz felt after agreeing to let Michael Madsen drive him around in the trunk of his car. Instead of a short trip, Madsen decided to embrace character and have some fun, resulting in Baltz getting bruised and screaming at him.

Pulp Fiction

Original casting ideas for Pulp Fiction included: Michael Madsen as Vincent, Eddie Murphy as Jules Winnfield, Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage as Pumpkin, Danny DeVito as The Wolf and Virginia Madsen as Mia. Let’s just hope Quentin wasn’t planning on having both Michael AND Virginia play those roles.

Jackie Brown

Being a novel adaptation, Jackie Brown is the only film in Tarantino’s filmography that was not an original idea. The novel originally being calldd ‘Rum Punch’.

Kill Bill

After the decline of Warren Beatty, Bruce Willis was one of Quentin’s first choices for Bill. According to him, this version of Bill would’ve been ‘a little less champaigne, a little more beer’.

Death Proof

Often called the ‘Black Sheep’ of Tarantino’s work, in his interviews before it’s released he had seemed highly enthusiastic about his experimental film. His opinion swiftly changed after getting slammed by most fans and critics alike.

Inglourious Basterds

On the Bear Jew’s ( Eli Roth ) iconic wooden baseball bat, ‘Anne Frank’ is one of the many names, honoring the young Jewish author.

Django Unchained

Franco Nero, aka the original Django has a scene with Jamie Foxx, where Foxx mentions the ‘D’ is silent in his name. Where Nero replies ‘I know’.

The Hateful Eight

Despite taking place in Wyoming, the film was actually shot in neighboring Colorado.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

According to Lew Temple, acting legend Jack Nicholson had some sort of appearence in the latest Tarantino flick. Unfortunately, he wasn’t anywhere to be found. If however, the rumors are true, this would be Nicholson’s first performance since How Do you Know ( 2010 ). BUT…there is an alleged 20+ hour cut of the film, so maybe Nicholson’s in there somewhere.

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