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My Thoughts on Borat 2

My thoughts on the new Borat sequel.

Just recently, the surprise trailer for the 2006 movie sequel has been released. The film will be released on the 23rd of this coming October. You can watch the trailer here:

The trailer features Sacha Baron Cohen reprising his role as the culturally ignorant Kazakh reporter returning to the US of A, now on a top-secret mission, who decided to tag his daughter along for the ride. Seemingly keeping the original style and overall theme as the 2006 film. Instead of being an unknown reporter from Kazakhstan, he’s now of course the internationally known iconic character Borat, who people know is an act.

The three minute long trailer shows Borat in America, having classic discussions with American civilians, corona being a discussed topic. Bizarrly enough, even though Borat is now as famous as he is, it seems like he is somehow still getting those original reactions on tape that he was able to get back in 2006, a way of exposing the mind of humanity by not taking anyone in particulars side, letting them reveal their opinions themselves. He also runs into Mike Pence, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but he’s in there.

My Thoughts:

I see Borat 2 going one of two ways, either it will be a “great sequel” that pays homeage to the style and humor of the first film, or it will feel like a cheap, rushed borderline knockoff version/ parody of the original, that will leave a sour taste in the mouthes of the origin movies’ fanbase. Personally, I think the first is the more likely. First of all, it took 14 years to create the sequel, implying that Baron Cohen spent his time coming up with a unique spin on the character. Something that will feel organic, and not pumped full of industry/ producers chemicals.

Will the movie be a sucess? Well, since Prime originals don’t make direct cash, it’s a hard category to judge. However, if it were a coronaless time, I’m sure the movie, even if it were to be slammed by both critics and the general audience, would most likely still be a box office hit, simply based on the low cost of the original.

Are you excited for Borat 2? Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

-The Screenwriter

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