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Mr. Sardonicus – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of William Castle’s 1961 horror film ‘Mr. Sardonicus’.

The 1961 horror film was directed by William Castle and written by Ray Russell. It’s the story of physician Robert Cargrave ( Ronald Lewis ) visiting his former lover Maude ( Audrey Dalton ) living in the fictional country of Gorslava. Her husband; a creepy dude with a mask on his face.

William Castle


Dr. Robert travels to Gorslava, and is immediatly turned off by the castle he’s visiting. Finding Maude tied up and being sucked on by leeches. He frees her and begins talking to Mr. Sardonicus ( Guy Rolfe ), who has a Frankenstein-esque Igor man called Krull ( Oskar Homolka )

Long story short, Mr. Sardonicus wears a mask because of his face. It occured to him due to past crimes and he wants Dr. Robert to fix it. If he doesn’t; both he and Maude will die a most painful death.


Though I’m sure a lot of it’s horror elements were lost through modern counterparts, Mr. Sardonicus overall was a decent film. Barely even hit the horror qualifications, but a horror film none the less.

Overall, Mr. Sardonicus was a decent little horror film. Another job wellish done by William Castle. 6.5/10.

-The Screenwriter

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