Most Annoying Movie Characters of All Time

A list of the most annoying characters in cinematic history.

Over the years of cinema, there have been a fair share of characters whose very existense has made humanity want to smash their face into the television screen. Some of these characters range from mildly annoying, but then there a fair fair few other ones. Some that were so annoying the damn near ruined the entire film. At least for me anyways. I managed to think of four characters, that I thought were more annoying than any others. PS, this is not an attack on the actors, take this about me ranting my dislike to the portrayals of the characters instead.

Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter Series:

Despite only having exreemly limited consequences on the overall plot of Harry Potter, by far the most hated character in the Potterverse, even rivaling Peter Petigrew and Voldemort himself, is Dolores Umbridge.

She made her first appearence in the fifth film/ book ( Harry Potter: and the Order of the Phoenix ) as a result of the Ministry of Magic wishing to completely change the rules of Hogwarts, which basically includes the banning of Defense Against the Dark Arts as we knew it. What seperates her from other HP villains, is that A, she has genuine pleasure in brining misery to others, and B, she’s one of the most annoying characters ever written. Though, as strange as it may sound her presence doesn’t feel like it hurts the plot, which I can’t say for anyone else on this list.

Little Nicky:

If you were unlucky enough to see this abomination of a try to be comedy, a film so low in quality, even if compared to modern Adam Sandler standars, that it makes me want to golge my eyes out and cleanse my soul with a movie genuinally worth watching. This movie is so bad, that I couldn’t even get passed the half hour mark, soully by how bad Sandler’s portrayal of Little Nicky was. The way he spoke was so repulsive, I just couldn’t watch it. Nobody should watch it. Ironically enough, if hell is real, this would be one of the only films available there.

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Mrs. Carmody – The Mist:

The Mist was originally a Stephen King story, it was written for the screen and directed by legendary French-Hungarian director Frank Darabont, the same man who directed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. He also created the Walking Dead series. Inside this film is a

Madison – Zombieland: Double Tap:

Zombieland was the flick that got me into zombie flicks. And I LOVED it! The only other zombie-comedy that comes into comparison is Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead. Ask me to rank them? Close call.

I viewed the second part with high-hopes, especially since it took them an entire decade to make it. Everything seemed just fine until this diabolically stupid, pacifist, vegan barbie girl of a character showed up. The only joy the character gave me was the one time Ruben Fleischer tricked us into thinking she died. Only for her to came back later, alive. I’d pay a movie ticket to watch the Madison-less cut of the film if it existed.

That was my list of most annoying movie characters of all time. Did you agree with my list? If so, lemme’ know in the comments below. Again, I’d like to state that this is not an attack on the actors, rather the characters.

-The Screenwriter

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