An Honest Review

Morning Glory-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2010 comedy ‘Morning Glory’ starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford.

The 2010 comedy was directed by Roger Michell and written by Aline Brosh McKenna. It’s the story of Becky ( Rachel McAdams ), a news reporter starting at a failing news station. To sprce things up, she seeks the help of reporter-veteran Mike Pomeroy ( Harrison Ford ).

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Becky is fired from her job at news Good Morning New Jersey. After an interview with her potential-new-boss, Jerry Barnes ( Jeff Goldblum ). She lands a new job as an executive producer for the Today show, her colleague Collen Peck ( Diane Keaton ) tells her she’s the 14th one in 11 years.

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Becky basically blackmails Han Solo into joining the show, after finding out that if he refuses an offer, he loses his pay. Ford isn’t happy about this one bit, infact he despises the fact that he’s no longer reporting ‘real news’ and wishes the Today show would do something more productive, comparing it’s gossipy style to an endless indulgance of sugar. He tends to be pretty cold towards Becky.

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Even with Indiana Jones on the team, the Today Show’s rating still aren’t high enough to keep things going, so in order to keep her job, she does everything in her power to try and get them up. James Marshall tricks Becky into capturing a mayor getting arrested over racketeering charges, by baiting her with a sauerkraut festival.

The arrest boosts the ratings high enough to secure another year for the show. Goldblum gets a call from his higher-ups, their willing to offer Becky another job. She barely looks back and jumps right into the interview. Jack Ryan gets word of this, and starts making frittata on live TV as a way to show Becky how much he actually appreciates her, everything works and she’s back on the Today show. The End.


Despite a star-studded cast the film failed to deliver it’s expectations. Sure it was a nice little flick, nothing terrible about it, but nothing that would necessarily make me want to rewatch it either. Though it was interesting to watch Ford in a comedic role.

I also wish the film would have dived a little deeper into the overall industry and maybe even the dangers of being a reporter. I’m not saying Morning Glory should have pulled a Money Monster or anything, but it could have used a scene or two with just a teensy, tiny bit of edgyness to it. Maybe I’m overlooking things. Otherwise the film was alright, but by no means groundbreaking. 6/10.

-The Screenwriter

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