An Honest Review Star Wars

Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation…better than TLJ

An honest, biased review of the 2022 disney plus lego short ‘Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation’.

Well, well well. Disney’s latest Star Wars installment has been a 45 minute long special and it’s all about going on vacation. Yep, that’s it.

The film ( if you can even legally call it that ) centers around the crew of TROS pretty much immediatly after the film’s events, and for some reason they all decide to go on a vacation starship owned by Lando.

The film also features iconic SW characters reprising their former roles, from Billy Dee Williams, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor ( playing Old Ben ), and Anthony Daniels. Also Weird Al does a voice ( we’ll get to that )

So let’s move into this cartoony version of a plot that probably took about 3-4 hours to write in total.

So everyone’s on vacation, Lando owns the joint, he shows up in a lego hologram and everyone wants to have some fun one last time together before they go their seperate ways. What I also notice is the film treats taking a vacation like it’s some insane once in a lifetime experience that big name people aren’t allowed to do. Like Finn later on meets Anakin’s ghost ( Matt Lanter ) and he’s like “Darth Vader, you took a vacation?” And he’s like “Yep.” Then he tells a story of how Vader and Palps went on vacation together in Scarif? I think. Anyway Weird Al is hosting a concert there and stuff happens.

Stuff happens. That pretty much desribes the movie. There’s really not much to say about it. It had a couple jokes that landed but the whole thing felt like a bizarre, cheap way to get lego star wars characters together and release them with a “letting go” message that probably changed nothing to 99.9999999999999995 of viewers. 4.8/10. And I really enjoyed the Empire Strikes Back lego movie for the record.

-Screenwriter J

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