Just FYI

I may not be able to post so often anymore….

Hello fans,

Even though I’m aware my fanbase is probably less than 10 people, I still feel like you should know about this.

Due to recent work scheduling, I may not be able to post as regulary as I used to. For a while now I’ve posted every other day, now I’m aiming for once every three days, everything on top of that is extra. I already have a series of posts scheduled up until mid-November. I will still try to release a post every two days, but that’s a goal I may not be able to achieve now. I realize this may be dissapointing to however actually reads this, but I promise I will NOT stop posting, even if it means even larger gaps between posts. I hope you can undertand my position, and I thank each and every one of you, whoever you may be for somehow stumbling on my little movie blog.

-The Screenwriter

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