An Honest Review

Hubie Halloween-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2020 comedy “Hubie Halloween”.

The 2020 comedy was directed by Steven Brill and written by the film’s star, Adam Sandler along with Tim Herlihy. It’s the story of Hubie ( Adam Sandler ) during a Halloween night investigating the mysterious dissapeaences of several members of the community.


Spoilers ahead, I guess

Hubie, a well-meaning guy is bullied by the community around him. It’s Halloween night, and what happens? He gets pranked at his job at the butchery by Ray Liotta. He also has a new neighbor named Walter ( Steve Buscemi ) who may or may not be a werewolf. One of the few people on Hubie’s side, is Officer Steve ( Kevin James ), who hires him as an undercover agent to investigate the dissapearences of several members of the community. Also, Kevin James is married to Hubie’s school-crush Violet ( Julie Bowen ).

The main suspect being a character introduced at the start of the movie, a psychopath that broke out of a Ben Stiller guarded psychiatry. In town, he finds a pig mask, then he just kinda’ shows up around the movie.

Meanwhile, Lavell Crawford’s pig has been killed, so he reports it to Officer Steve and Officer Blake ( Kenan Thompson ). Hubie kinda’ goes from place to place, showing up here and there, the same goes with everyone else in the cast.

At the end, it’s revealed that Hubie’s mother was responsible for the dissapearences, a punishment to them for bullying him. Also, Buscemi’s not a werewolf, he and pigmask are just crazy. His mother tries to burn them at the stake, just like witches in 1800’s New England, he stops her, gaining respect from the community. One year later, and he’s the mayor. The end.


Though Hubie Halloween wasn’t the greatest comedy of all times by any stretch, it was still better than your average Adam Sandler flick these days. Along with it’s star-studded cast, the movie was semi-well done. Mind you, none of the big-name actors other than Sandler show up for more than a few scenes each. Overall, for what Hubie Halloween is, I’d give this a 4.5/10.

-The Screenwriter

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