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How To Actually Write a Screenplay

A guide to basic screenwriting.

You may have read my previous article, “How To Not Write a Screenplay ( if not, read here
For which I made quite possibly the worst piece or writing I have ever, in my entire life came up with. This is the fixed version. How I personally would have actually written it. Still not on the level of Quentin Tarantino, or Steve Zaillian, or whoever you consider a great screenwriter, but it’s still gold compared to that last trash.

PS, WordPress has certain limitations as of how exactly you can structure your articles, so the spacing is a little off.

Standing in the doorway is NICK ( mid-40s ) is a large, muscular man with long, dark hair. He’s dressed fancy like, except the Indiana Jones style fedora resting on his head.

He sits down on a chair. After pouring himself a nice helping of expensive champaige, he digs into his meal of pork, potatoes and brocolli.

Howdy do!
Do you realize what you started?
Nick pulls out a colt 45. Finger on the trigger.
Woah. Slow down there ol’ friend. Lemme’ explain.NICK
Not happening.

Nick’s eyes fall heavy. He slowly drifts away into sleep. Falling headfirst into his food.
( End scene )

I think we can all agree, that even though this wasn’t exactly great either, it was miles better than that literal intentional garbage I created. If you’d like to see more versions of this, please leave a comment below.

-The Screenwriter

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