Happy New Years!

Happy New Year’s everybody! I hope you all had a good year. If not, let’s just hope 2021 will be better.

I have about ten posts scheduled between the third of January even going up to April. Yeah I’m only posting every three days now instead of every two so I can focus more on screenwriting. At least for now anyways. The first post, “24 Hours – An Honest Review” starring one of my personal favorite actors; Ethan Hawke!

Other projects in the works:

A monthly diary style post, where I write about my writing and struggles to write without getting into specifics. To finally add the “journal” element of The Screwnwriter’s Journal.

Forgotten Filmmakers – Simular to my discontinued Fallen Filmmakers, only for those who have been forgotten by Hollywood and I believe deserve a revital

Remember, if you have any films you’d like me to review, any ideas you think I should try out or otherwise, comment in my post titled “Suggestion Box” and I’ll be sure to check em out.

-The Screenwriter

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