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Great Short Films on Omeleto

Four of the best short films on Omeleto.

I’ve been watching a fair amount of short films over on Omeleto recently. They release one new short film every day subbmitted by it’s creators. The channel has a wide variety of topics from all over the world. Qualitywise they tend to range from mediocre, to amazing. In my biased opinion, these are the four best ones I have found so far.

DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored by Omeleto, it’s creators, creators of the short films or sponsored in any other mannor. These are simply selected short films, I personally thought were great on Omeleto.

Corporate Monster:
“A dangerously unstable man starts seeing monsters all around him.”
After indulging in pills given to him by his doctor, a man starts seeing some humans with octopus like heads. Only he can see them. He starts killing them, while the world thinks he’s crazy. The question the short raises throughout is, is he really seeing monsters?
Watch here:

Forbidden Tikka Masala:
“A vegeterian eats chicken by accident and can’t forget the delicious taste.”
This lighthearted short is the story of a deepy religious vegetarian. During her retirement party, she eats curry. Only to later find out it was chicken curry, going against her no-meat diet. She can’t get the amazing taste out of her mouth, so in a quest to taste it again, she goes on a journey to find the recipe.
Watch here:

Last Requests:
“A woman cooks dishes for death row inmates. But tonight’s dish is her last.”
This short is about a death row chef, who takes her time and care into making the best possible last meals for the inmates. Played by the horrifylingly underrated Dale Dickey, she gives off a great and believable performance, while the guard and a young woman question the morals in letting people who have commited horrible crimes, pick whatever they want as their last meal.
Watch here:

“A wasteland traveller is confronted by a mysterious stranger.”
Lorne ( Guy Pearce ) is a lonely post apocalyptic survivor, who’s been living in the woods for years, only very rarely stumbling upon humans. One such person meets him in the woods, it’s a very one sided discussion. The film mixes mystery and a sense of suspense throughout it’s 15 minutes. Previously I had underestimated Guy Pearce as an actor, a stance I now regret after having seen this. If you haven’t seen Guy Pearce show his skills yet, I highly suggest you do.
Watch here:

I may make a part 2, should I find enough material in the future.

-The Screenwriter

PS, happy birthday to David Fincher

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