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Great Short Films on Omeleto Vol. 2

4 more great short films on Omeleto.

Welcome to the second volume of “Great Short Films on Omeleto”. I found another four short films I felt deservant of a shoutout on my site. Here they are:

Feeling Through:

The heartfelt story of a homeless black teen meeting a blind-deaf man. The story revolves around our protagonist learning how to appreciate life as he takes care of a complete stranger with a completely different lifestyle to his own. Watch here:


Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun takes his child from his estranged wife. Followed by a cold phone argument between the two. Watch here:

The Lion:

A UK voice actor is slammed for not delivering “As standard” as perfectly as they want. His boss tells him to imagine he’s being chased by a lion. This is where the fun begins. Watch here:

Welcome to Iron Knob:

WTIK is the story of two boys in rural Australia who accidentally shoot an innocent bystander from out of town. The entire town later pitches in to help cover up the murder. Watch here:

That was the second part of my “Great Short Films on Omeleto”. Any shorts I should watch for part 2? If so, lemme’ know in the comments below.

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