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Golden Rasberries – A Good Year To Act Bad

Bruce Willis has his own category at the Golden Rasberries this year…

Oh Bruce Willis, you have had one of the most debateable movie careers of the last decade. You had A-list years like 2012 ( Looper, Moonrise Kingdom, Expendables 2 ), then he’s had 2022, a whopping EIGHT Golden Rasberries!

For as far as I can tell, Willis is the first individual to get his own category in the GR. I gotta say though, I ain’t surprised. Bruce is no longer in the days of Pulp Fiction, Die Hard and Fifth Element, he’s in the days of mostly straight to DVD/ extremely limited release low budget action thrillers, with one dimensional characters for Willis to play.

Willis’ nominations are: Apex, American Siege, Cosmic Sin, Midnight in the Switchgrass, Deadlock, Out of Death, Fortress and Survive the Game. Have you heard of, let alone seen any of these films? Probably not. I’ve had the ‘delight’ of seeing and reviewing Cosmic Sin, which costars Frank Grillo who’s only of the only things remotely decent about the movie. Otherwise, it’s a generic, heartless, and awful movie, that has little of anything to offer.

As for the others, all I can say is that James Cullen Bressack ( director of Fortress and Survive the Game ) seems very passionate about Willis’ participation in the two films – the rest? Never heard of em either.

If this is an omen to the rest of Willis’ career, it looks like he’s turning into Steven Seagal. If he can go back to good years like 2012, or get in some halfway decent films again like Rock the Kasbah, he can keep his boat afloat. If not, he’ll be in the ruins of a once dominating career.

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