Famous Actors Named Michael Part 2

If you haven’t read my previous article, do so here:

This is the followup to said article, now including actors named Mike, along with some lesser known Michael actors.

Michael Bowen

The actor, possibly most famous for his collaborations with Tarantino, has managed to appear in a variety of big-name projects over the years. With Tarantino it was Jackie Brown, Kill Bill vol. 1 and Django Unchained. He also played Todd’s Neo-Nazi uncle Jack in Breaking Bad. Other noteable appearences include: The Godfather Part III, Magnolia, NYPD Blue, Gotham, Criminal Minds & Walker Texas Ranger

Michael Cudlitz

The red-head actor is most famous for his role as toughguy Abraham in the Walking Dead series. Otherwise he’s appeared in several big name TV shows including: Walker Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Minds & Prison Break. He also lended his voice to several of the Call of Duty games.

Mike Colter

The actor, most famous for his role as the Netflix Marvel superhero from Harlem, Luke Cage, has slowly gathered a moderate amount of fame throughout the last years. Though the role he’s most famous for has been cancelled, he has also appeared in a series of noteable projects including: Men in Black 3, Salt & Million Dollar Baby

Michael Myers

He’s Austin Powers-nuff said. In all seriousness though, Myers has proven himself an actor of unique charm and great comedic timing. Another quality he has, is his ability to convincingly and unnoticeably play several characters in the same film, take Austin Powers: in Goldmember for example, where he played a whopping four charcters. Those were, Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Goldmember and Fat Bastard, not bad in my book. He’s also Shrek, now-buff said.

Mike Moh

The fairly unknown actor first came into the public’s eye after playing Triton in the Marvel series ‘Inhumans’. Since then he’s appeared in two noteworthy films, the first being 2019’s Killerman with Liam Hemsworth, the second being why about 95% of people who know him do, Taranino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, where he played the legendary Bruce Lee.

Michael Douglas

For all of you who thought I didn’t know anything about cinema for not placing him on part 1 of the list, you were wrong. I didn’t put him on there because I thought it’d be best to slap you folks in the face this way.

In my opinion, Michael Douglas is probably the best actor named Michael there is. He’s more than proven himself as more than just actor X’s son whose into acting. No, not only is Michael on par with Kirk, he’s debatably a better actor than he was. Sure, to a large portion of the youth he may only be known as Hank Pym from the Ant-Man movies, which isn’t quite his best work, he’s still by no means a bad actor at all. Take his performance as the rage-induced man who just had a bad day in Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down, a brilliant movie that if released today, would be bombarded with controversy. Long story short, I’ve never seen a bad performance from the veteran actor, even if the film was bad. There are plenty of actors named Michael near his level, but I believe he’s the best one out there.

-The Screenwriter

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