An Honest Review

El Camino Christmas-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2017 dark comedy Christmas film ‘El Camino Christmas’.

The 2017 dark comedy was directed by David E. Talbert and written by Chris Wehner and Theodore Melfi. It’s the story of Eric ( Luke Grimes ), who after deciding to do some motel plumbing, finds himself in a hostage situation with a drunk Tim Allen.


Eric is an everyday kind of guy, he finds himself returing a letter to Tim Allen in the Nevada smalltown El Camino. This isn’t ypur regular Tim Allen character type, he’s drunk, bolder and overall a bit crazier. Whose acting in this weirdly reminds me of Bryan Cranston. Anyway, Eric brings Tim to a bar. Where things go wrong pretty quickly.

( Vincent D’Onofrio ) Photo by to GabboT

Eric checks into a bar, who’s arrested after trying to do some good ol’ motel plumbing. At jail, he brutally beaten by Officer Carl Hooker ( Vincent D’Onofrio ). The next day, while Carl is out, the other officer, Billy Calhoun ( Dax Shephard ) leaves him out so that everyone gets out of the cold water.

Nexg thing you know, Eric, drunk Tim Allen, Officer D’Onofrio, a Mexican store owner, and a woman with her kid find themselves surrounded by the police in a hostage situation. Meanwhile, the entire situation is being reported by Jessica Alba, who according to Netflix is the main actress in this movie, despite only a few minutes of screentime.

( Jessica Alba ) Photo by to JD Lacisa

D’Onofrio is shot. Tim Allen later sacrifices himself, by putting claiming he took everybody hostage, given how crazy his character is, that’s pretty believable. Eric lives to tell another tale, and I guess everything else went happily ever after. Oh, and Tim Allen is actually Eric’s Dad. The End.


My only major complaint but El Camino, was the fact that Netflix promoted it as if Jessica Alba were the main actress, even though she’s only in there for about four minutes. If they just placed Tim Allen instead of Luke Grimes first, I would get it since, well he’s Tim Allen and was a main character. In other words, it was literally the definition of clickbait casting.

-The Screenwriter

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