An Honest Review

Dog Soldiers – An Honest Review

An honest, biased reiew of the 2002 werewolf survival flick ‘Dog Soldiers’ starring Sean Pertwee.

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday I’m reviewing Dog Soldiers! The film was written directed by Neil Marshall. It’s the story of six British soldiers in the middle of the Scottish woods, who get attacked by werewolves.


Cooper ( Kevin McKidd ) is being chased across the Scottish forest by British forests. He’s taken down and abandons the team who would recruit him, if not for his pride of morals.

( Sean Pertwee ) Photo by Heroes & Villains

The remaining of the team comes back seeks later, lead Srgt. Harry G. Wells ( Sean Pertwee ) stay in thr foresrtovernight, beginning to find the first signs of bizarre activity, such as a deceased cow nearly crushing one of the soldiers, that came out of nowhere.

Cooper is refound and forced to join the group and they make their way to a house, who’s residdnt believes the woods are haunted by werewolves, yes actual werewolves. And yes, they’re real, they’re mean and they’re lean human eating machines, slowly picking off soldiers throughout the film.


Overall, Dog Soldiers left me relatively indifferent. It wasn’t groundbreaking, nor was it bad. Fairly inbetween. Maybe I’m just not cut out for the werewolf genre ( didn’t like Cursed either ). In general the film carries the early 2000s survival low-budget horror feeling. Sort of like 28 Days Later ( although the 2 films are completely different ), it carries a simular vibe. I did however enjoy the actor’s performances and the decision to wait for the wolve’s reveal, something Predator would have benefited from. For everything it has, I’d give this film a 6.8/10.

-The Screenwriter

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