An Honest Review

Demolition Man – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the controversially popular 1993 action comedy sci-fi flick ‘Demolition Man’starring Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock.

The film was directed by Marco Brambilla and written by Daniel Waters, Robert Reneau and Peter M. Lenkov. It’s the story of Police Sgt. John Spartan ( Sylvester Stallone ) a cop known for his questionable methods who wakes up 36 years later after commiting accidental warcrimes.

( Sylvester Stallone ) Photo by Dominus Vobiscum


John Spartan, aka ‘Demolition Man’ has a reputation for collateral damage if it means catching villains. Even going so far as to destroy an entire mall to catch a crook with a $20k bounty on his head.

The film opens up with Spartan on his way to capture notorious outlaw Simon Phoenix ( Wesley Snipes ), a wise-talking no damns given type of guy. Spartan blows up a facility, capturing Phoenix, but killing dozens in the process. Spartan is then sentenced to a freezing chamber, where he is to spend the next remaining decades isolated and unconscious until deemed ‘worthy’ again for society. That happens 36 years later with a few major culture shocks!

( Wesley Snipes ) Photo by Nicolas Genin

Welcome to San Angeles! The combined city of San Diego and LA. A futuristic city where everything normal and human has been lost. – Swearing now results in fines, meat consumption, alcohol, parenting is only legal with a license, guns are totally banned – only to be seen in museums and toilet paper, yes….toilet paper is no longer in circulation.

Now Stallone is a man on a mission. Hunt down Blade and then maybe he gets released? Probably not though. Everybody in town just seems to hate the guy and everything he stands for. Either way he’s escorted by Lt. Lenina Huxley ( Sandra Bullock ) a 20th century obsessed cop who’s just as whacko as everybody else in town. She’s also Stallone’s love interest ( a fairly one-sided interest at that ).

( Sandra Bullock ) Photo by Eva Rinaldi

As Stallone and Bullock are released into the wild to hunt down Snipes, we find out even more crazy things about this universe. Such as: Pizza Hut is the only restaurant left in existance, and ratburgers are the latest LA cuisine. Beyond that the film revolves around a few good action sequences and more of these culture shocks.


Demolition Man is technically not a great movie…..but I don’t care. It’s entertaining, well paced, different, fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. 8/10.

-The Screenwriter

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