An Honest Review

Dead Trigger-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2017 action-zombie film ‘Zombie Shooter’ starring Dolph Lundgren.

( Dolph Lundgren ) Photo by Eva Rinaldi

The 2017 action-zombie fim was directed and by Mike Cuff and Scott Windhauser, with additional writing from Heinz Treschnitzer. It’s the story of a group of young soldiers, lead by Kyle Walker ( Dolph Lundgren ) in the zombie apocylpse to rescue a group of scientists who may have the cure.


Spoilers ahead, I guess…

First of all, this is your standard, slow walking zombie flick. Nothing special, nothing crazy about em’. Also, there’s no real main character, so just assume it’s Dolph Lundgren because he’s the only semi-memorable actor in this movie, even then, not that memorable. Seriously, I cannot remember a single character’s name, so even with the help of the cast section from ImdB, he’s the only one I can recognize. Also, Isaiah Washington is in this, aparently, having played ‘Rockstock’, I genuinally did not recognize him what in the soever. He’s one of the trainers alongside Lundgren, and this Russian guy called Lt. Martinov ( Oleg Takarov ).

So after basic training, where we establish that zombie blood is just cheap CGI that makes ‘The Rezort’ look like it was made by George A. Romero. Then they go to Terminal City, on Terminal Island, why I remember that name, I dunno. So they go to this island trying to find this officer’s daughter that’s on research base. Upon arrival, they start getting picked off by zombies in the least interesting ways possible.

So they find the Officer’s daughter ( Autumn Reeser, I think? ), and she’s the only survivor, with the start of a cure to the virus. So they leave the building and run into Zombie X, or Sample X, or Patient X, whatever it’s name was. One of the female soldiers sacrifices herself by killing it ( and her ) with a grenade launcher.

Later on, a couple more have been eaten in the meantime ( not likecared about it, or anyone who died in this movie, just wanted to let you know ) they find these twin zombie hunters, who join the group for basically no reason. Our group of characterless heroes mane their way to a church. Only to be betrayed by Martinov. Which leads to basically nothing.

They make it out of there and someone else gets eaten. Oh, and it turns out this was all VR game, only for the virus to happen a few weeks later in real life. The End.


Suffering from a lack of decent acting or any resemblance of characters, Dead Trigger, also called Zombie Shooter, which btw is not the most cliche/ generic movie title of all time, didn’t work. Sure, it’s not the worst zombie flick I’ve ever seen, that’d be Pandemic: Fear the Dead. It just stunk. Storywise, nothing good to say. Slowpaced, events that didn’t matter and or went nowhere. Characters that nobody cares if they die. I’ve done done a Zombie script, but even my first screenplay was better than this, trust me, it’s not exactly the best out there.

It’s films like this that are responsible for the downwards career spiral of once massive action stars like Dolph Lundgren. To once be boxing Stallone in a ring, to leading stereotypical, characterless young adults in a city full of zombies with cheap CGI blood. That’s the definition of a career gone Souther than Antarctica. For whatever the hell this is, I’d give it a 2.5/10.

-The Screenwriter

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