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Book of Boba Fett – FINALE!

Let’s see if the buildup was worth it.

The season finale of Boba Fett was directed by Robert Rodriguez. We pick up on Boba’s regular crew of Fennec, Mando, Black Krrsantan and the goth cyborg kids. They know things are gonna go down, and they’re investing everything they’ve got into this war. Boba divides the gamorreans, the goth punks and Krrsantan across the city. Also, Robert Rodriguez’s character is back, he made it a point to make himself especially annoying in this episode.

Cad Bane, aka Star Wars’ most epic bounty hunter is back at it again, and he means trouble! Walking around Mos Espa like he owns the place. He’s working for the Pykes, and steals almost every second of screen time he gets ( slightly less impactful now that we’ve already seen him though ).

Then just about outta nowhere…the fans obviously wanted this…Grogu’s back, and I guess he’s staying from now on. Can’t say I’m surprised.

We go back to plotting and patrolling and…that sorta thing. Also Boba’s started talking a little less, not much, but it helps. AND BAM! Just like that Boba reunites with his not so good ol’ buddy Cad. And as Cad pointed out, the thing we’ve all noticed…Boba’s gone soft.

Fennec goes out to save the punk bozos….yay. Scratch that, they’re no officially the uno squad, it just fits. Thanks for saving the worst characters on the show. Boba and Mando are left at the palace, waiting foe the Pykes to make their next move, until realizing they’re entirely surrounded. In the name of honor, Mando’s willing to lay down his life to help Bona, like the true warrior he is.

Ans yes! Everything hits the fan. Waves and waves of Pykes swarm outside Jabba’s palace. In an attempt to salvage a degree of harmony between the two mutually hating parties, Rodriguez offers to negotiate a surrender from Boba to the Pykes. He goes outskde and reads Boba’s written terms, offering to pay the Pykes – NOTHING! Hahaha! But no, Roddy survives.

But now we see the good ol Boba and Mando we love! They’re jetpacking, blasting off every last one of those Pykes, taking em out and proving their worth. This is what the show was supposed to be like!

They start getting hit, it looks bad. Until everybody returns, Cobb Vanth’s townfolk, Krrsantan, Fennec – even the Uno squad! They beat the baddos, only to get two giant droids with blaster-proof shields.

Boba realeases the rancor, the mounted beast unleashes absolute havoc on Mos Espa, causing more collateral damage then a gender reveal in the woods!

And we all knew this had to happen, the big baddy C. Bane is back to take some life! One sunburned rancor calf at a time. Who just walks away. Bane blasts Boba again and again, knocking him down. Boba reveals his true skills, embracing his Father’s ways…god damnit I need more Cad Bane! They introduced him so well and just threw away so much potential.

Meanwhile rancor has turned into King Kong, climbing up buildings while getting shot up. Then…Grogu shows up again, waves his hand and suddenly he’s an oversized teddy bear without fur.

Last but not least, the great purge of the Pykes, Fennec breaks into their base and kills every last one of them!


Yes, all this buildup finally paid off! Going from mediocre episode from another, the show seemingly blew 85% of it’s budget into the final episode, to truely make a banger of a finale, casuals and OG fans alike.

Cad’s diss against Boba finally gave him the kick in the rear he needed. He finally became what he should have all along. A ruthless, undeniably skilled bounty hunter, who is meant to be respected and feared.

Overall, especially for wrapping everything into a neat little bow, 9/10, amazing episode! Disney’s finally done something right. Now for the love of God, bring back Cad Bane, find a cheap copout – I don’t care. Bring back Vanth, and bring back Bossk and Dengar. PS, we wanted more than A CAMEO from Trejo, please make him a recurring character next season. Peace

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-The Screenwriter

Post credit scene: Vanth is alive in the bacta tank!

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The more I think about it, the more I realize how empty TBOBF was from any actual emotional journeys. It was pretty bland overall, I was just happy that the finale had some decent action laced in at the end.

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