An Honest Review

Blue Streak – An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the buddy cop comedy ‘Blue Streak’ starring Martin Lawrence.

The 1999 comedy was directed by Les Mayfield and written by Michael Berry, John Blumenthal and Stephen Carter. It’s the story of Miles ( Martin Lawrence ) a bank robber disguising himself as a cop to retrieve a diamond that he stole, now in police custody.


We start off the film with Logan, a vaguely-competent thief robbing a diamond with his stoner companion Tulley ( Dave Chappelle ), Eddie ( John Hawkes ) and Deacon ( Peter Greene ). Turns out Deacon’s a good for nothing backstabber and kills Eddie. One thing leads to another and the heist is a bust! Chappelle gets arrested, Deacon gets off scott free and Logan is left to seek revenge. Now this probably sounds a bit like a hood version of Kill Bill – it’s not. It’s 1000% a comedy, very much with a hint of Bad Boys echoing in the background, in a revenge kinda way.

Desperate for a quick buck, aka a diamond worth over 15 million$, Logan decides to break into the local police station to get the necessary information and maybe take out Deacon if all goes well. It’s a laugh of an intro. First he’s a pizza guy with dentures ( my God that scene is cringe, seriously it stands out as the weird goth sheep in the flock ). Then he steals a police ID from Carlson ( Luke Wilson ), a straightman just trying to do his job by the book, not big on anything else really. The dynamic is very much Agent J vs Agent K, just backwards and not as good.

The film then becomes a Rush Hour esque film revolving around Martin Lawrence doing a variety of sidequests, Chappelle shows up, he does cop stuff and overall…he does stuff.


While Blue Streak never did anything overly original, or execute anything to a spectacular degree, it remains a solid-overall lighthearted comedy with decent acting and a few nice laughs. 7/10.

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-The Screenwriter

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