An Honest Review

Blood Father-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2016 action movie ‘Blood Father’.

The 2016 French action movie was directed by Jean-Francois Richet and written by Peter Craig and Andrea Berloff. It’s the story of Lydia ( Erin Moriarty ), long-lost daughter of John ( Mel Gibson ) who’s in trouble with some criminals.


Lydia’s much older, gangster boyfriend Jonah ( Diego Luna ) takes her on some kind of mission and asks her to kill a woman. She refuses, instead shooting him. She runs off, which leads us to Mel Gibson.

John a grizzled-old man lives a relatively peaceful life in a trailer park, until suddenly his daughter calls his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years makes contact from a phone booth. They meet up and quickly get back into danger. She’s being hunted by her ex’s gang. Forcing them to leave the trailer park after a shootout.

This leads them to John’s former associates, Tom ( Michael Parks ) and Cherise ( Dale Dickey ) two Neo-Nazis. Though it’s never explicitally stated that John is or was a Neo-Nazi, Tom does heavily imply it. Either way, they trust them enough to stay the night there. Until they find a wanted poster of Lydia. The two escape, barley.

Later at a cinema, Jonah tracks down Lydia. After trackick Jonah down, John gets into a shootout with him. Saving Lydia, but dying in the process. Jonah is arrested. The End.


Blood Father was about as good of a movie as you could expect from a former a-list action star with a relatively low-budget. It also helped how unlike many other movies like Blood Father, whoever was in charge of casting actually seemed to have a knowledge of lesser-known actors that would fit the part. Specifically nodding towards Michael Parks and Dale Dickey’s casting here. I’d give the film a 7.5/10

-The Screenwriter

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