Biggest Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Cameos

My favorite cameos from the 2019 comedy ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’.

Kevin Smith has directed a series of cult classics known all over the world. From his debut with Clerks, to Mallrats and Dogma, he had a great run. And guess what? Their all connected? How you might ask? By the characters Jay ( Jason Mewes ) and Silent Bob ( Kevin Smith ). In 2001, the cameo characters were given their own movie ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’. Last year ( 2019 ) Kevin Smith made a reboot/ sequel to the classic film.

Within the reboot are a series of cameos by A-list actors. Some of there are extreemly obvious, while others are a little more well hidden.

Ben Affleck:

In terms of screen time, the formerish Batman actor probably had the most out of this list. He played himself, having a conversation with Jay about the convention. I’d say it probably ran for about five minutes.

Chris Hemsworth:

The Australian actor most famous for his role as Thor in the MCU, had a brief cameo as a hologram at the San Diego comiccon, where he gave Jay and Silent Bob directions.

Craig Robinson:

The Office star played the small role of a judge immediatly after the arrest of Jay and Silent Bob at the start of the film. Unlike most judges who talk like, well judges. Craig Robinson made pop culture references, talked with slang and didn’t give a damn how they lawyers talk on Law and Order.

Matt Damon:

Argueably the most random cameo on this list, Will Hunting appeared as his character Loki from Dogma ( not Thor: Ragnarok ) in a small scene in the middle of the film, for essentially 0 reason whatsoever. While in character he explains the audience where he’s been for the last years.

Method Man & Redman:

The iconic Hip hop duo have been working together for decades, both in music and sometimes in film. The How High stars reunited for Kevin Smith’s film during Jay’s dream sequence.

Rosario Dawson:

The Sin City star’s first collaboration with Kevin Smith was in 2006’s Clerks II, where she played Becky. In JASBR she played Reggie Faulken, wife to Justice from the original Jay and Silent Bob. Her part wasn’t very important, nor was it a major one, but it was nice to see her either way.

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