Alive vs Stay Alive – Two Identical Zombie Films

You know those movies that come out around the same time and end up being exactly the same movie? Well, I’ve found one of those pairs. The Korean ‘Alive’ and American ‘Stay Alive’. Damn even the names are basically the same ( only called Stay Alive in foreign release )

First off, both films were released in 2020. Stay Alive an American version, while Alive is a Korean film. Same characters, same plot, it’s the same movie. EXTREMELY LOW differences.

Setting/ Plot

Single male ( 30ish? ) is lives in a multi-story apartment building as the zombie apocalypse breaks out, and must shelter himself living off the resources he has at home. During the pandemic he makes videos of himself documenting the apocalypse and posts on the internet. Due to the hordes of zombies in his hallway; it’s too dangerous to go outside. He also is uncertain of his family’s fate, not knowing for sure if they’ve fallen to the circumstances.

On the verge of 0 food, our protagonist sees he has a friendly neighbor with whom he communicates via non-verbal techniques and eventually exchange items.

At one point in the story our protagonist is captured by a madman who plans to feed him to his zombified wife after pretending to befriend him. He escapes and rhe husband gets eaten alive, this is where Donald Sutherland kicks in.

The protagonist and neighbor girl are forced to risk their lives and come together. They both survive and everything looks happily ever after.

You know what’s not so fairytale? That description could fit either movie! It’s the same thing only not even trying to be different! I don’t know who stole from who, I don’t care which one came out first and I don’t care. Despite being nearly the exact same movie the Korean one was 10 times better than the American. Only good thing about that movie was Sutherland’s performance ( big surprise based on that Imdb score I found later ).

This is likely a class result of a script being sent to a studio, only for it to be leaked into foreigner interests who then use basically the same script ( possible tampering from several script doctors ) who then decided to make the movie the same way in the hopes that they’re movie outperforms the other. This happens time and time again, and it’s annoying, escpecially when 1 is actually good, the other not so much. Sutherland did a good job though.

-The Screenwriter

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