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Adressing the Spam Elephant in the Room

So some of you might have noticed that I have a bit of a spam epidemic, which at this point would pretty much be an understatement.

Since about one month after I started blogging, I recieved my first spam comment. I thought nothing of it, put it in my spam folder and forgot about it. Shortly before Christmas my spam-per-day ratio exploded and I started getting dozens of spam comments on a daily basis. I think my record is around 70 spam comments in a SINGLE DAY! Right now it’s at about 10-15 a day. So at least it’s gone down a little. If we counted all the comments I threw in spam and trash, along with all the one’s I’ve deleted permanently, I’d probably have well over 500 spam comments over my time blogging. In other words, I get way more spam comments than fan comments.

By “spam” I’m not even referring to those “click this link and win money” type of scams. No, I’m referring to spam comments intentionally planted on my site by somebody, who I’ve probably never even met or done anything to, has decided to unleash onto my little blog. Why? I really have no idea.

How do I know these are spam comments?

Well A, the comments section literally have nothing I mean literally nothing to do with the articles. They tend to go along the lines of “Oh this blog is so amazing” or “Added this blog to my RSS feed” or “Any suggestions on how to build my own website like your”. Junk like that.

B: Constant spelling errors and poor grammar, making it look like my entire fanbase are made up of those Indian people on the phone at a dentists office.

C Repeating comments: I’ve seen dozens of the exact same comments getting posted by completely different usernames, e-mail adresses and IP adresses

D Identical websites: This specific issue, which is also the one affecting me the most right now. When you release your comment, you have the option to put in a website, not visible to the public, but visibile to me, the administrator. This leads back to my ‘Road of No Return’, where over the course of two weeks or so, I got over 30 spam comments, all with the website of a Turkish movie blog ( I’m not naming them because I have no idea if they’re even remotely involved with this ) and they always placed their names at the end of the comment. Pretty bizarre thing to do in my opinion.

I’ve been hit by another such plague. Another Turkish-sounding movie blog, only now they’ve expanded themselves to several blog posts, nearly all of which were pre-2021 for some reason. ( So you, the reader ) may not have even noticed I have this issue ). Different site, though I have a feeling it’s the same jerk that’s responsible for the last plague.

So here’s my message to whoever’s responsible for abusing my website for a teensy, tiny bit of personal amusement he or she gets out of this:

I’m not stopping. No matter how many fake-comments you attack my site with, no matter how much effort you put into this, no matter how much you think you may be hurting me – It’s all for nothing. Because I’m not going to stop blogging because some Internet punk thinks he can treat me like dirt. I know I’ll never be able to figure out who you are, but I humbly ask you to stop this nonsense. A comment section is supposed to be a place where real people can express whatever opinions or questions they have. Wether hateful, praising, or even just random stories they have that vaguely fit in with the topic. I would love a comment section like that.

But don’t worry. I’m not closing my comment section, and I ask anyone who is actually real to comment something. Anything. A period would suffice.

If you are a fellow blogger whose noticed an unusual ammount of bizarre spam-esque comments, then I highly suggest you look into them and make your own decision if they may indeed be spam.

If you have any ideas on how I could combat this problem than I would highly appreciate it if you could leave a comment telling me how. Thank You.

-The Screenwriter

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