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Actors That Survived Corona

A list of actors who have survived Covid-19.

Yeah, we all know about the situation, and no I’m not going to bore you with any “oh it’s so terrible, let’s wear masks BS”. This is just a list of actors that have luckily survived the virus. For once, you can read an article about the subject that isn’t bombarded with bad news meant to scare the ever lasting hell out of you.

This is a list about actors that have corona, those who have not yet recovered will not appear on this list.

Antonio Banderas
The Zorro actor announced that he was Covid-positive on his 60th birthday. Man, isn’t that a great way to celebrate? Like a few others on this list, he appears to have barely been effected by the discease, stating he’s only been a little more tired than usual. So, to all fans of the Desperado actor, you can relax, knowing he’s going to make it. Maybe a cup of coffee could help him out?

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Brian Cox
One of the few celebrities who didn’t even know they had the virus, Brian Cox was tested for Corona-antibodies, his doctor informing him that he had it, even though he hadn’t had any of the symptoms. A rarity for someone of his age ( 74 ). On top of that, the actor also belongs to the diabetic community, which are also at risk to corona. Luckily the actor against the odds stacked against him, came out perfectly unscratched and is doing better than ever.

Bryan Cranston
The actor most famous for his roles in Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle, presumably got the virus sometime in June, May at the earliest. On June 30th via social media, he announced that he had the virus, and is doing better now.

( Bryan Cranston ) Photo belongs to Gage Skidmore

Dwayne Johnson
Can you smell what the Rock is sick with?! Okay, that was bad, like unexcusably bad. Johnson is one of the more recent celebrities to catch the virus, not only him, but his entire family was infected. They have however, all recovered. So now he can make Fast and the Furious 487, or however many there are now.

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Idris Elba
The British actor famous for a variety of roles, including: Thor, No Good Deed, The Fast and The Furious Franchise and what critics and fans alike are absolutely raving about ‘Cats’, nearly universally considered a modern masterpiece, that got shamed on by the Oscars. He got the virus, but has since recovered.

( Idris Elba ) Photo belongs to GabboT
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This one may be cheating a little bit, since she’s more of a singer than an actress, but she has appeared in a few films, often even in larger parts. A good example being 1995’s Four Rooms, where she played Elspeth. Though according to ImdB, her last acting credit ( excluding music videos ) was in 2009, in an episode of SNL. Which doesn’t really count. Her last “real” acting credit was in 2002’s Swept Away, where she played Amber. She first noticed the virus when she was on tour in Paris, what she first assumed was a bad flu.

( Madonna ) Photo belongs to chrisweger
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Mel Gibson
The Australian actor and director is best known for his roles in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon movies with Danny Glover and Joe Pesci. Gibson was once the topic of controversy, due to some anti-Jewish statements he made over a decade ago. Since then it seems like the general public has forgiven him, his hiatus both in front and behind the camera has ended. He became infected in April and has since recovered.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
The actor may be most known for his role as the mentally disabled Vietnam veteran and ping pong player from the movie of the same name ( Forrest Gump ) along with voice over work like Woody from Toy Story. Rita Wilson, while admittadly less famous than her husband, has appeared in her fair share of noteable projects including the 1999 Christmas movie ‘Jingle All the Way’, with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The couple were among the first big names to get corona, having gotten it while on vacation in Australia, a place I believed only had somewhere around 1000-1500 infected at the time ( seriously, the country has almost 25 million people, what are the actual odds of that happening to those two? ). The two spent the time together in their Australian house and have since lomg recovered.

( Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson ) Photo belongs to Alan Light
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Vivica A. Fox
The actress known for her roles in movies like Independence Day and Kill Bill vol. 1, tested positive. Then, after just two days, she was already tested negative. Many people believe that the test came out wrong, considering she came out negative again so quickly after her diagnosis. The main reason being, her initial test was self administered, meaning she probably wasn’t fully aware how the equipment was supposed to be used. The test that claimed her negative was done so by a “medical professional”, which I’m about 97% sure is just a fancy word for “doctor”.

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy and Walking Dead actor Michael Rooker has recently tested negative for Corona.

-The Screenwriter

PS, happy birthday to Linda Hamilton

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