An Honest Review

7500-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2019 plane thriller 7500.

7500, the 2019 thriller written and directed by Patrick Vollrath. Is a film co-produced by Austria, Germany and the US. The story is about Tobias ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ), an American co-pilot living in Berlin, on a flight to Paris. Everything goes normally, but then terrorists take over the plane.


Tobias is the co-pilot to Michael ( Carlo Kitzlinger ). He’s fresh out of America and doesn’t speak German. I was able to put together that his girlfriend or wife ( not made clear in the movie ) Göcke ( Aylin Tezel ) lived in Germany ( the reason for the very German sounding name is because her Father is Turkish ), after the two got together, Tobias moved to Kreuzberg, a borough of Berlin. They then at some point had a son together, who is never shown onscreen. On a side note, the film has esentially no extras, instead preferring to use the bare minimal amount of cast necessary.

Then, like I said, terrorists attack. Three in total. One breaks into the cockpit, getting knocked unconscious, but not before stabbing Michael. The other two are outside, communicating to him via a camera reel. Only one of the two, Vedat ( Omid Vemar ) can speak English. He’s the negotiator and the more sane of the two. While Kenan ( Murathan Muslu ) is more brute forced and can’t speak English. By now, Michael has died of his stab wounds.

They have one simple request, they want to enter the cockpit. What they’ll do then is unknown. Tobias contacts ground control, they tell him he can’t open the door, under NO circumstances. Kenan then kills the hostage. They decide to make an emergency landing in Hannover.

The two then take Göcke hostage. Tobias now threatening to kill the third terrorist if they kill her. He tries to negotiate, beggint them not to kill her. But once again, they kill. Tobias now furious and extreemly sad has a brief mental breakdown.

The third terrorist wakes up, attacking Tobias. Vedat and Kenan break into the cockpit, taking control of the plane. Kenan hesitates before not killing Tobias. Kenan wishes to crash the plane, 9/11 style. Vedat wishes not to due, begging him to stop. He kills him. Tobias then needs Vedat’s help to land the plane. They do so, sucessfully.

After landing, Vedat negotiates with the authorities via radio. He gives them 30 minutes to refuel the plane, or else he kills Tobias. The two talk, while Tobias holds a glass knife, out of his sight.

A hostage negotiator starts communicating with Vedat in German. After a long back and forth ( without feeling too forced ) they aren’t able to come to an agreement. Vedat is shot, killed. Shockingly, despite having killed his girlfriend, and threatened to kill him multiple times. Tobias is sad, screaming for a medic to help him, even though he’s also been hurt. Tobias gets out of the plane. The End.

Overall, 7500 was a decent film. Unsurprisingly Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave the best performance, not because he was the main character, just in general. Having not known any of the other cast, I went into the film with a blind eye, the other performances were also fairly well done. There were a few minor plot points, like how the stewardess just HAPPENS to be Tobias’ girlfriend, that part really did feel a little forced by the time she died. Though it did make the scene much more emotional, especially since it would be just another passenger getting killed. The film was also very easy to follow, due tó always staying in one location. I’d give this film a 7/10

-The Screenwriter

PS, happy birthday to Amy Adams

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