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5 Other Actresses That Could Play Ellie in The Last of Us

A list of actresses I think would be good choices to play Ellie in the Last of Us TV series

Now that I’ve given my choices for actors that could play Joel, I thought I’d give my take on who could play Ellie. I honestly didn’t even know she was announced already, given how all the news was around Pedro Pascal.

Ellie starts out as a scared young girl, who has no idea how to survive out in the zombie apocalypse. Also she’s immune to the virus. After meeting Joel and travelling across a destroyed America, she slowly starts to open up and becoming a confident young woman. Also, since we don’t know when this is taking palce, I’m mostly ignoring age. So without furthado; here are my picks:

Anya Taylor-Joy

Joy is in my opinion one of the greatest upcoming actresses. Her breakout performance in The Witch was nothing to sneeze about. Though much of it had to do with Robert eggers unique stlye of filmmaking, it still showed an entire wave of acting capabilities.

The Last of Us could provide her with the last step she needs to really get the recognition she deserves. All she’d really have to do if ditch her British accent – which as she’s proven in Split; she can do.

Dafne Keen

( Dafne Keen ) Photo by Gage Skidmore

Yes, I realize that I suggested Hugh Jackman for Joel already. So yes, I realize the Internet would literally explode itself if this happened.

Andy honestly, it’s for the same reasons. The two have an amazing chemistry together, and at it’s core Logan is basically just a different version of The Last of Us. Keen’s character was scared at first, but quickly became a daughter like figure to Wolverine, and instead of being immune to a zombie virus, she’s a mutant in a world where mutants were exterminated. Honestly, yeah I’d be up to see it. I for one thought Logan was an amazing film, one that showed both of it’s main cast to shine whenever it made sense.

Ellen Page

( Ellen Page ) Photo by Greg2600

Even while I was playing The Last of Us, I always invisioned Ellie being played by Ellen Page. Not only based on pure appearence, but also because of her immense talent as an actress. From the cheery pregnant teen in Juno ( which got her an Oscar nom ) to her portrayal as Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls. Both of which were amazing, allowed her to give off her unique stlye and her overall acting chops.

Now, I’m aware there was a controversy surrounding how simular Ellie resembled Page, and that she aparenly wasn’t very pleased about that simularity, so chances are this is and never would have happened. But in a perfect world, she would absolutely nail this role!

Hailee Steinfeld

I was immediatly intrigued by Steinfeld when I saw her performance in True Grit, alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. While I admittadly haven’t seen any of her work since, that role alone was enough to convince me that she’s a beyond great actress, especially considering she only 14, and I can only imagine how much better she’s gotten over the years.

The only real issue with this choice is that Ellie is supposed to be the center of hope. While I’m sure Steinfeld could be that, she didn’t really portray a hope beacon in True Grit.

Thomasin McKenzie

McKenzie first hit my radar with a performance that already proves she’d be perfect for this role; Leave No Trace. She plays a young girl who’s been raised by her Father in the Oregon wilderness. Like Taylor-Joy she’s also one of Hollywood’s best upcoming actresses, the two are even set to star together in Edgar Wright’s upcoming film ‘Last Night in Soho’.

She has the looks, she has the personality and she has the talent to give a semi-unique performance that would still hold true to the oroginal character.

Did you agree with my picks of actresses that could play Ellie in The Last of Us? If so, lemme’ know in the comments below.

-The Screenwriter

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