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47 Meters Down-An Honest Review

An honest, biased review of the 2017 survival thriller 37 Meters Down.

47 Meters Down, the Johannes Roberts directed thriller/horror written along with Ernest Riera, is the story of two sisters, Lisa ( Mandy Moore ) and and Kate ( Claire Holt ) trapped on the floor of the ocean, surrounded by sharks, in a broken shark cage.



Lisa and Kate decide to take a vacation together on the coast of Mexico. During a party they meet a small group of Mexicans, Benjamin ( Santiago Segura ), Javier ( Chris Johnson ) and Luis (Yani Gellman ) who talk them into shark diving. At the boat they meet Captain Taylor ( Matthew Modine ), who honestly comes off as a cheap dollar store version of Brad Pitt. Though to be fair, small as his role may have been, if they actually got Brad Pitt in the movie, it would have probably costed more than the actual movie.

The two then go underwater in a shark cage, enjoying the experience, just as much as the shark seemed to enjoy eating the camera they dropped into his mouth. While going deeper, the rope snaps, launching them down to the surface.

The two then spend the next one and a half hours or so trying to escape the cage, and get to the surface. How deep below water are we anyways? You guessed it, 47 meters, or 154.1999 feet for my American, Burmese and Liberian readers.

After a bit, one of the two sisters escape the cage, while the other’s foot is stuck under a bar. The escaped sister is then taken and presumably killed by a shark-yeah I didn’t really feel anything either. Also, Javier is found dead in a mini-sub, doesn’t add any suspense or anything, but it happened.

After that the other sister frees herself and swims away from the cage. Eventually finding a bloody, yet alive version of her sister. The two then make a break for the boat, one of the two getting bit, they make it onto the boat and everything looks like a happy ending? So, the end? Nope, then it’s revealed that she was hallucinating, and never even got her foot free from the cage. All while dollar store Brad Pitt tries to communicate with a now crazy woman. She then presumably drowns to death. The End


Overall I’d say this was a pretty mediocre-at-best survival/ horror movie. There’s not much to say about the characters, other then the not-so-amazing acting. Character development was also, pretty much zero. To be fair, this was likely seen as one of those high concept movies that just didn’t really work, but made enough money to justify a sequel in the studios mind. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, has nothing to do with the original, not in the slightest, none of the same characters, no references to the past events, nothing. The only thing they do have in common, is womentrying not to get killed by sharks in Mexico. Though I’ve seen part 2, I’m about 200% percent sure I won’t be reviewing it. I’d give this film a 3.5/10.

-The Screenwriter

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