2020 DLC pack

If 2020 were a video game with DLC.

DLC = Downloadable content ( usually in reference to video games )

Imagine if the year 2020 was a video game, something along the lines of Plague Inc or a tycoon game. The main story would revolve around: A Chinese virus, Australia and California burning down, Black Lives Matter protests, Snitch 9 getting released from prison, WW3 almost happening, murder hornets, and Tiger King would be a side quest in there somewhere.

Now imagine, if it got worse, and they decided to give this game some DLC. The previous franchise installments ( 2019, 2018, 2017 etc. ) would be like easy to normal difficulty, whereas 2020 has a default minimal difficulty setting of ‘extreeme’.

So, here’s what I think a Season Pass of 2020 DLC could look like:


Well, as I mentioned earlier, WW3 almost happened this year. The main thing this time was about Trump killing an Iranian general with a drone, which skyrocketed tensions in a matter of instants. Luckily, this didn’t escalate to war. Buuut, let’s imagine it did.

First, a small scale war would erupt on the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain would be the first allies called in to assist the US in invading Iran. Next, Iran gets his buddies Russia and China involved, first thing you know we got a limited nuclear war going on. I’m considering making a full lenght-scenario/story for this.


Yeah, aliens. Like the Xenomorph that tried to kill Sigourney Weaver. At some point in 2020, a series of UFOs would come outta’ space and attack planet Earth Independence Day style. Which all leads to a whole new turn in WW3.

There would be a temporary ceasefire in the war, officially speaking anyway. All the while Earth’s top scientists work on creating some kind of weapon to take on the extraterrestrial invaders.

Or we just blow em’ up Independence Day style. Whatever works best.

Zac Efron Casted in Star Wars Reboot:

After mass backlash from the Sequel Trilogy, Kathleen Kennedy announces a reimagining of the Star Wars films. Starting like in our timeline, with the original trilogy, then the prequels, followed by the sequels.

And guess who they decided to cast as Luke Skywalker? Zac Efron. Unfortunately, we live in a world were that casting wouldn’t even be that far fetched at this point. Let’s just hope this never becomes a reality.

Cherynobyl 2.0:

In 1986, in the smallish USSR town in modern day Ukraine, a nuclear power plant malfunctioned, leading to devastating consequences in Europe’s soil to this day. Well, somewhere, in some powerplant somewhere in the world, another thig like this would happen.


Wether thru alien-induced experiments, radiation from Earth’s new Crimea, a mutation from the Corona Virus, atomic waste, or even just because it’s 2020 and sense doesn’t matter anymore, some kind of monsters would be discovered by humanity.

Zombies would infest the cities, hunting down survivors with their horde mentality. A nuke that fell off an aircraft carrier off the coast of Japan, would cause the awakening of Godzilla. Other 2020 monsters would include: Werewolves, Vampires, Sleepwalkers, Bigfoot’s and Dragons.

Kanye West Becomes President:

A few years back, the ‘Gold Digger’ rapper announced his intentions to run for president. In 2018, he met with Trump. After his relationship with the President went sour, he expressed an intent to run for 2020. This didn’t happen.

Why Kanye would win over Biden? Well, maybe Biden got killed in the war or something, and everyone else that would be a better candidate then him, I don’t know.

Now imagine if he not only ran for office, but won. Yeah, Kanye as President. I’m sure nothing whack can come out of that. The VP would probably be Lil Wayne or something, Taylor Swift would be exiled from the US, Kanye West CDs would be given out to every American household for free, sounds about right anyway.

Oregon Legalizes All Drugs…oh wait

Second Ice Age:

Due to the nuclear fallout from WW3, the whole ecosystem suddenly collapsed. The Earth’s axis was flipped upsidedown, causing a global cooling, healing over a century’s worth of CO2 abuse and way more than that, because kow wooly mammoths are roaming Siberia again.

Did I forget to add any 2020 DLCs? If so, lemme’ know in the comments below.

-The Screenwriter

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